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Yoga Family – Violet Alignment

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Athens / Greece

YOGA KIDS TEACHER TRAINING (YOGA ALLIANCE & YOGA ALLIANCE PROFESSIONALS): Be a Yoga kids’ teacher with international recognition! The licensed training provides many tools and techniques to the trainee. We become aligned with our inner child. Through joy and creation, we offer the tools that we have obtained and the knowledge of our soul.

General Background in the Specialty Area

Includes the study and understanding of all childhood developmental stages from age 3-15 and how the issues of each stage impact what is appropriate for teaching them. Categories are to address the specifics of appropriate developmental application for each age group.

Techniques, Training and Practice

Includes yoga-based practices appropriate for child development, such as asana, asana-based movement, yoga-based games and activities, breathing techniques.

  • Lesson Plan
  • Yoga Games
  • Folktales, Myths and Yoga
  • Asana for kids
  • Partner Yoga
  • Yoga in the classroom
  • Techniques for anxiously kids
  • Meditation for kids
  • Teacher training manual
  • Practice teaching
  •  Mandala
  •  Yoga for special needs
  •  Yoga business – Internet and social media marketing

Teaching Methodology

Includes knowledge of classroom techniques, lesson plans and group processing for children’s activities.  Age-appropriate teaching skills for yoga class techniques (including how to phrase age-appropriate questions to a child) and effective communication skills (such as songs and stories) for working with children.


21-22 March 2020

11-12 April 2020

30-31 May 2020

20-21 June 2020

27-28 June 2020

42 Zone, Agion Anargyron 16, Monastiraki, Athens.

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